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Welcome to the Lloydminster Jr. Rebels Summer Swim Club. We are looking forward to an exceptional year as a swim club and are glad you have considered joining us. Our speed swimming club is open to swimmers of all skill levels. The program is aimed at the improvement of each individual's swimming skills. It requires dedication on behalf of the swimmers to reach individual and team goals.

What Is Speed Swimming?

In speed swimming, there are four different strokes that the children learn. They are butterfly, back crawl, breast stroke and freestyle (or front crawl). Once they have learned the techniques to do these, they can put them together to do what is called the Individual Medley (or IM). The children will learn how to compete in each of these different styles. They will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned during practices at various swim meets that are held during the summer.

The Organization

Although it is non-profit, the organization must charge its members to belong in order to cover the costs of operation. The registration fee goes to pay for insurance for the swimmers in the unlikely event that they are injured during practice or at a swim meet. It also pays for necessary expenses such as pool rental, coaches' salaries, office supplies, awards, equipment, and other miscellaneous costs. What we charge the swimmers does not cover all of these costs. As a result, we as a club must fundraise to cover the rest. Our club operates on a break even principle. Any money that is made over and above our costs is held over to the next year.

We are operating under the umbrella of the Lloydminster Rebels Swim Club. The current president/contact information for the Jr. Rebels Summer Swim Club can be found here.

The Cost

Our fees for 2019 are as follows:

Advanced Mini - $375.00
Beginner - $400.00
Intermediate - $425.00
Advanced Intermediate - $450.00
Advanced - $475.00
Each third and additional immediate family member will receive $50 off the regular registration fee.
ASSA fee (required for each swimmer): $49.25
$100.00 for 4 swim meets will be collected from each swimmer at the 2019 registrations.
Each swimmer will receive a team swim cap during the 2019 season.

** Fees must be paid in full before the swimmer enters the water! **


To keep our fees reasonable fundraising is vitally important for our club. As parents/caregivers to our Jr. Rebels member(s) there are certain obligations we must fulfill. Each family will be required to fundraise $125.00 per swimmer. A post-dated cheque for that amount will be required at registration but will be returned once the fundraising commitment has been met. More info on what fundraisers we will be doing will be handed out on registration night.

The Swimmers

The swimmers range in age from 5 to adult. They are split into different age categories for practice based on their ages as of May 1 as well as at the coach's discretion. Their swimming capabilities are also taken into consideration.

At practice, the coach and the coach's helper(s) teach the children how to do the different strokes and how to improve on what they have learned. The goal is for the children to be able to do the different strokes to the best of their ability at a competition. Individual goals are based on improving their own times as the summer progresses. Team goals are based on how the individuals finish in relation to other teams. A team is only as strong as its members, so the club believes that no one individual should be given preferential treatment based on how they finish. Everyone is encouraged to cheer all team members on at all times. A strong team is only achieved by team work.

Children are encouraged and expected to attend as many practices as possible. Being consistent will have the greatest impact on individual improvement. Working hard at practice will also have a great impact. Parents are encouraged to attend practices so they can understand what their children are working on.

We will follow ASSA's code of conduct for both swimmers and parents.

The Parents

It is the parent's role to be as involved as much as possible. Some of the ways you as a parent can do this are:

  • Try to attend as many practices as possible. This way you will see the results of your child's hard work.
  • Stay informed, communicate with coaches, other parents and executive members.
  • Stay positive, encourage your children and remember that it's all about having fun and doing your best.
  • The club is a team and we encourage everyone to become a part of the family.

Swim Meets

All swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of four swim meets during the 2019 season. This is a very good way to see how your child has progressed. The swimmers should view the meets as their reward for the many hours of training they put in. It is a lot of fun for the kids and they make many friends with kids from other communities. These friendships can last for many years.

You will receive more information about swim meets in upcoming emailed newsletters.


It is the parent's and the swimmer's responsibility to be sure you are informed as to your obligations, deadlines, etc. Our club will email newsletters throughout the swim season to keep you up-to-date about what is going on within the club. They will be emailed to you on a regular basis, so please make sure you read your email regularly. A copy will be hung on the bulletin board upstairs in the pool viewing/mezzanine area. There may also be other pertinent information posted on this board, so please check it often.

Our club encourages you to come out and have fun. You and your children get lots for your dollar – the making of friends, getting into great shape, going places, having fun get-togethers, setting personal goals, and enjoying the thrill of competition.

So, be interested, stay informed and have fun!

More Questions? . . . Please read our FAQ page